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Born in Paris, Chef Yves grew up in La Rochelle, a seaside town on the Atlantic coast of France. It was there that he attended culinary school and apprenticed in both haute cuisine and pastry.  

Meet Chef Yves

Vagabond Chef has lox for breakfast

For the last 30 years, he has enjoyed working in the finest restaurants, hotels, and private clubs all over the world. As an Executive Chef for the Ritz-Carlton and Loews Hotel Company, he has traveled the world experiencing many international cuisines and cultures. Chef Yves had worked in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Australia, France, California, and Hawaii. He has been the recipient of Michelin star restaurants numerous times.

Since 2012 he has worked as a private chef, traveling to Palm Beach, Aspen, and Somerset, Colorado, and Cape Cod.

His international background as an Executive-Chef makes him well versed in many types of cuisines. Chef Yves is unique among chefs in that he is equally comfortable with both haute cuisine and pastry, whereas most chefs have expertise in either one or the other.

Meet Chef Yves at Vagabond Chef restaurant in South Yarmouth, MA.